Welcome to our highly popular Super League Fixtures held weekly – The most flexible and efficient way in Brisbane to gain rating points, or lose them (: We have developed a very effective and fresh format to attract all players from across Brisbane to VS one another – With Divisions 1-8 players can come anytime during the session to compete against players of similar ratings if you wish to come early and finish late you can receive 7 + matches all in the same session or for those who are looking for  2 or 3 matches per night then no problem also. Check our Schedule below – divisions are based on rating central points and as your rating will rise you can move up the divisions.

Super League is played throughout the week - Numerous divisions can be competing on Any given day or  night - Our member have access to our CLUB APP- where Players can register to all the  available sessions - For new Players please Call or email the club to find out which division best suits you and next available time for you to compete. 


Division 1

Rating: 1600+

The most prestigious event to win at SBTTA - where all the top players from all around Brisbane come to compete – we restrict this event to 1600+ ranking and is always a very competitive tournament where the best VS the Best – A great spectacle to come and watch for the public- CASH PRIZES for winners. Individual League – Group stages followed by knock out rounds-  so you can count on many matches for each player 


Division 2

Rating: 1300 - 1600

A battlefield of players all with the ranking 1300-1600 APPROX-  A tough comp to win – Individual League- Round robin group stages – Each player can bank on getting many matches through the session- the winners of the groups will continue on to knock out rounds until the Champ is crowned- We offer cash prizes and of course a spot in the Div 1 Superleague the following week – Always a very competitive tournament and always an entertaining Friday Night.


Division 3

Rating: 1100 - 1300

DIV 3  is suited for Player with a Ranking of 1100-1300 – Our Individual Super league guarantees each player at least 5 matches +  each night – the winners of the group stages move forward to knock out stages until we have the last man standing – We offer the winner of the event a free entry into the DIV 2 pool the following week – Div 3 Wednesdays are always a lot of fun and we have a core group of friendly players across all age brackets who frequent on this night.


Division 4

Rating: 1000 - 1100

Super Social Individual event for New players who are ranked between 1000 - 1100 or are currently unranked- This friendly weekly Fixture is the first step into the competition- join this league and work your way into the higher divisions – A great mix of players across all age groups to compete against whilst you build your skills and your game. Friendly players across all age brackets who frequent on this night.


Division 5

Rating: 900 - 1000

For Players who are just starting out and looking to get a taste of real match play against other players- Players from all over Brisbane gather to throw down and see who can be crowned victorious – With Group round-robin stages ensuring each player gets numerous matches to win or lose- The 2 winners from each group move forward into the Knock out rounds until we have a last man/woman standing- The winner of div 5 gains a FREE entry into Division 4 - Get involved, start at div 5 in our table tennis club and work your way up the ranks.


Division 7

Rating: 500 - 700


DIV 7 is most suitable for those who have cracked the 500+ rating … Usually a pretty fun mix of players just getting the hang of playing matches and testing their games against other players on similar skill levels.

Division 8

Rating: Under 500


Previously known as garage league- A first Introductory social round-robin set up for players who wish to make the jump Into recreational table tennis competition – All Players starting up needs to come and ACE this division before moving up the higher ranks- this is a very social, friendly and easy-going event where all players will receive their official rating and begin their journey at the club.. Come and meet new people, be active and see how your skills hold up against other garage players.


Division 6

Rating: 700 - 900


Div 6 kicks off right after our intermediate Junior squad- Generally, you will find many juniors that have done their time working their way through div 7/8  and begins to head into more serious competition.